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Gear Up Minute: Lighting Color Temperature

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Warm temps vs Cool temps. 🔥❄️🌡️ In this week’s Gear Up Minute, Josh shows why it’s important to match your lighting temperatures to the environment when setting up your video shoot.

Small Gear on Shoots that Makes a Big Difference (Part 1)

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At we PEG, we do video shoots. A lot. Like, sometimes 3-5 per week a lot. And often times, due to the nature of our clients, these shoots can be incredibly diverse. We’ve had weeks were we do a corporate interview shoot, a drone-based shoot and a run-and-gun sports shoot back-to-back-to-back. With this experience in […]

Blog Post Image HighArts Judging Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Video Production

My Judging Experience at The HighArts Festival

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And The Winner Is… “Eleana,” Kelli Fetter, Director of Engagement and Events at Downtown Akron Partnership, called out to the HighArts Festival crowd at the Akron Art Museum on October 7. It’s common to hear derivatives of my name or interesting mispronunciations. So common that I often go by my nickname instead. Confused, I looked […]

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