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I have always been a technical and creative guy, even from a young age. I’ve got pictures of myself constructing huge paper buildings and assembling an endless supply of Lego sets as a kid. I can also distinctly remember building an elaborate system of pulleys and wires in my fourth grade classroom so that all my friends could pass notes back and forth. I still don’t know how the teacher let me get away with that one…

I started doing animation before I could drive a car and ran a video board show before I could vote, so in general I like to try a bit of everything in the wide world of production.

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Small Gear on Shoots that Makes a Big Difference (Part 1)

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At we PEG, we do video shoots. A lot. Like, sometimes 3-5 per week a lot. And often times, due to the nature of our clients, these shoots can be incredibly diverse. We’ve had weeks were we do a corporate interview shoot, a drone-based shoot and a run-and-gun sports shoot back-to-back-to-back. With this experience in […]

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