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16 Reasons #WhyVideo for 2016

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As we ease our way into 2016, the blogosphere is riddled with backwards looks and future predictions about marketing and business. Video is a constant theme this January, even more than ever before. On Twitter (@PrittEntGroup) last week, we posted a blog entry and a number of facts and stats on #WhyVideo. It is fascinating to see how quickly this form of marketing is growing and attracting businesses and consumers alike.

Why Make A Video?

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Follow us on Twitter, @PrittEntGroup and keep your eyes out for tweets of some stats using #WhyVideo that will show you why 2016 will be the year video becomes even more important for your brand.

Recapping College Football Season

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Wow… The college football regular season is officially complete.  I know that it seems to fly by every year, but this year it felt like it did even more than normal. Now that it’s over, I’ve been feeling a bit retrospective and thought I’d take a look back.

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