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Predicting 2018 Social Media Video Trends

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When people look at the PEG website and our social media accounts they see members of our teams on location for a video shoot, in our office creating videos and animations, or running live events. There is one aspect of PEG that every team member actively participates in, but it isn’t visually that interesting, and […]

Blog Post Image 7 Lessons for Creative Problem Solving Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Cleveland Video Production

7 Lessons for Creative Problem Solving

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Creative problem solving is easily one of the most important tools you should keep in your front pocket at all times in general. Moreover, it’s incredibly valuable when you’re on a shoot with a deadline, clients standing around, and talent waiting for your cue.   The first lesson in creative problem solving is… DON’T FREAK […]

Blog Post Featured Image Authentic Emotion vs. Fake Emotion Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Cleveland Video Production

Authentic Emotion Vs Fake Emotion In Videos

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Emotions play an important role in cultivating the bond between the brand of a company and the consumer. Emotions facilitate the messages they want the consumer to feel in order to increase awareness about their company. If the company executes the video well, people will remember their brand. Sometimes, however, if the execution is poor, […]

Blog Post Featured Image Storytelling Without Special Effects Ryan Pritt Akron Cleveland Video Production

Storytelling without Special Effects

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Last month, Burger King released a PSA video as part their partnership with the No Bully campaign (You can watch the full spot here) that became a viral sensation on the internet. It had over four million views on YouTube in less than a month. The video was incredibly well done, and did a great job […]

Blog Post Image HighArts Judging Ilenia Pezzaniti Akron Video Production

My Judging Experience at The HighArts Festival

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And The Winner Is… “Eleana,” Kelli Fetter, Director of Engagement and Events at Downtown Akron Partnership, called out to the HighArts Festival crowd at the Akron Art Museum on October 7. It’s common to hear derivatives of my name or interesting mispronunciations. So common that I often go by my nickname instead. Confused, I looked […]

Blog Post Featured Image A Beginners's Guide to Video Prices Akron Video Production

A Beginner’s Guide To Video Prices (If Videos Were Sandwiches)

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The question that I am asked most often, other than “where do you want to go for lunch,” is “how much does a video cost?” One of those questions is easier to answer than the other. But lunch options and video prices are actually more similar than you may think at first. Stay with me. […]

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