Operation Orange 360 Recap Video

By using 360-degree video to capture Operation Orange at the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, we were able to create an unique and interactive recap that highlighted the event from every angle.



  • Showcase the 24-hour event in an engaging, fun and unique way
  • Highlight event success within the Akron community



  • Complete 24-hour event coverage
  • Discrete, out-of-the-way camera location
  • Showcase all volunteers that participated
  • Provide detailed statistics and results of Operation Orange




Due to the nature of the event and the 24-hour length, our team proposed a 360-degree time lapse. We felt that this type of video would be the best platform to highlight the vast amount of people volunteering at the event and would also allow us to incorporate all the requested statistics and other graphics throughout the final recap video. During site visits to the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank, the team determined gear needs, selected the mounting location for the camera and noted areas of the building that could be used to display graphics in post-production. This allowed for decisions to be made regarding animations and other visuals that would be incorporated later.


The challenge with this particular shoot was that it required very specific gear that isn’t often used on more traditional video shoots. Our custom 360-degree rig has seven GoPro cameras that sit inside a 3D printed casing. After the camera’s location was determined, which was hanging 12 feet down from the center of the warehouse ceiling, the team created a custom mount from a threaded rod that could easily be attached to the selected point.

A scissor lift was used to carefully position the rig, which was safely and inconspicuously hung far above the volunteers and supplies. The team worked with the Foodbank staff to get power to the area and ran 18 ft. of cord to the camera rig. Once installed, the team ran several tests to ensure that everything would run smoothly.

Josh carefully attaches the 360-video rig to the ceiling of the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank




During the event, each of the seven cameras that are a part of the rig took a photo every 60 seconds. That meant that we had a total of 60,781 individual images, 8,683 per camera, to piece together for the video. The process of taking those separate pieces and creating a seamless 360-video involves multiple steps to get to the final piece.

First, we had to create individual time lapse videos for each of the seven cameras in the rig made from a specific, and identical, set of photos. Once those are made, the time lapses were stitched together to create one 360-video. The individual videos were color corrected to ensure a consistent overall look and calibrated to one horizon line so that the viewer would have a true, even perspective of the room. Any imperfections that were remaining were carefully painted out by hand during this step in the editing process.

Once the base 360-video was complete, the graphics were able to be added with the data and statistics provided by the Foodbank staff. We used a plug in to take the 2D graphics and project it onto the spherical space of the video to make the text appear in the correct perspective when viewed in a 360-video viewer. Finally, the competed video was rendered out with specific meta data to let video hosting sites know it was a fully-interactive, 360-video.




The finished video was posted on the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank’s Facebook Page as a recap for the successful Operation Orange event. The video received over 10,000 views, which is the most for any video in the Foodbank’s history, and nearly three times as many as the next most popular video previously posted on their Facebook page.

To watch the interactive version of the Operation Orange 360 Recap Video, visit their Facebook page here.

A recording of the final 360 Recap video from the 2017 Operation Orange Event

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